Why art & design are so important to humanity

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Can design stop a war? I’m not sure but it certainly raises awareness, gets people talking, connecting and having the experience of compassion and even love for their fellow human beings independent of race or creed. This is the kind of thing that makes me proud to be a designer. Design should make people feel, and hopefully what they’re feeling resonates out, extends to others and is a small step toward making humanity more joyful.

Design for skin, walls, whatever!

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I’d seen something similar to this a few years ago but it was probably just a conceptual demo. What are the ramifications of having to design a ui for a projection device such as this? You’d need to define some design boundaries to make sure whatever is being created is usable on a host of different surfaces. Looks like it will be fun though.

Check out Chris Harrison’s detailed description here.

Great motion graphics describing Stuxnet

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An infographic dissecting the nature and ramifications of Stuxnet, the first weapon made entirely out of code. This was produced for Australian TV program HungryBeast on Australia’s ABC1

Direction and Motion Graphics: Patrick Clair www.patrickclair.com
Written by: Scott Mitchell

Production Company: Zapruder’s Other Films.

Now you can archive projects

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Our users have been asking to be able to archive projects… so now you can! If you have a Project you want to archive just navigate to PROJECT SETTINGS > Project Status – and make your selection there:
Once you have archived a project then a new ARCHIVE tab will appear on the Main dashboard page:

Click that ARCHIVE tab to review the Archive page where your archived projects will be listed and you can either review them, go to their respective Project Settings pages and un-archive them, or delete them:

Archived projects do not count against your allowable amount of projects based on your account size, but their file storage does count towards your allowable limit. As the account owner you can review these projects but not add to them or edit them. If clients try to review them they simply will not appear in their list of projects.

Hope this helps and makes your workflow more efficient.

A little neater and faster

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We recently added pagination on the Main page in your accounts. Not a huge deal but if you have lots of active projects then it will just make this section of the application more manageable, it also helps the page load faster since you are not loading all the projects (thumbnails and comments) into one page.

Hope this helps your workflow.
Pagination buttons

Public galleries are now iPad friendly.

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We just launched a new feature that should please our reviewers on iPad.

If you send a client a “public” url for a gallery

Public URL location

they will now be greeted with a landing page (that has the account holders branding and colors) giving them the choice to review the gallery in the Flash slideshow mode or all on a single HTML page.

Landing page for public URLs

We hope you find this useful.

Calendar is now live.

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We just pushed live a new Calendar within the Vyoopoint application. This is an easy way for you and your clients to see the due dates of live galleries and projects.
Just add a projected due date when you create a project or upload content into a gallery and it will appear on the Calendar. If you need to edit that date just edit the header content (title and description) within a gallery, or edit the Project Settings page for a project.

Vyoopoint Calendar

There is also a list view of all your dates for those who don’t like grids:

Vyoopoint Calendar list view

And you can choose to show all dates from all projects or filter by project with drop down menu at the top of the calendar layout.

Simple, sweet, hope you find it useful.

New Calendar pushed live by mistake

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So unfortunately some code went live yesterday that should not have. Some of you may have noticed a new ‘Calendar’ tab at the top of the page along with a date picker appearing in a few places. This was pushed live by mistake and we’re sorry if it seemed confusing or looked like something was broken.

We’ve implemented some changes to try and avoid anything like this happening in the future.

The good news though is that we’re days away from adding some simple scheduling features so you and your clients can see due dates on all your assigned projects at-a-glance. Hopefully this will make your lives easier and your clients happier.

Great attention to email detail

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Yesterday I received an email from Panic, a Mac software developer and was so impressed by the attention to detail that I wanted to write a post about it. Turns out that the folks over at CampaignMonitor.com did just that so here it is.
Panic has always impressed with their clean and functional design, and they just took it to the next level with Transmit 4 (the ftp application) and this latest email campaign announcing the software upgrade.

Print, scroll and some other tweaks

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We recently added a couple of highly requested features.

On your gallery pages you will now see a small ‘Print’ button above the gallery thumbnails. Click that button to pop a new small window where you can select whether to print large images, large images and comments, or thumbnails and comments.

If you’re viewing long images (like a web-page design that would need to scroll in a browser) that do not fit in the viewer at 100%, there is now a scroll-bar on the right, just like you’d find in a browser. So in addition to the navigation and zoom tools, you can now do simple old scrolling. Simple is good!

We also updated some of the drop down menus in Vyoopoint to make things cleaner and easier to read… spring cleaning I guess! Hope you like the updates.

print button